Ashley Etling 



Ashley is inspired by collaboration and discovery and driven by the confluence of design thinking, business, and technology. She has founded and grown multiple companies from the ground up. Central to her vision is her desire to create impact by building a sustainable supply chain from product to door, as well as create a culturally sound company. Her passion for building high integrity companies inspired her prior venture in the form of Atellia. Atellia is a platform that collectively shares stories and experience from entrepreneurs worldwide.  

Her unique background in design and sharp business acumen are assets that helped her previous company, Red Clay grow exponentially. With leadership roles such as head of product development and later as COO, Ashley’s performance has yielded high impact results from recruiting and retaining a team of 500 award-winning designers, raising millions of dollars in high growth capital, 10X year over year revenue growth, and 10+ Fortune 500 partnerships.

When not contemplating a new idea, you can catch Ashley testing recipes through bakersbookers.com, working with other ambitious founders, sharing knowledge through entrepreneurial settings such as speaking roles at Launch Beacon, Metropolis, and SF Design Week. She loves spending time outdoors with friends and family hiking, skiing, and biking.

If you ever want to sit back and hear some good stories ask Ashley about her competitive rock climbing days.




Viola Sutanto


Viola Sutanto brings a visionary perspective to the future of products as both a successful creative and entrepreneur. Her career started at the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, and took off after marrying business and design at the California College of the Arts. This has led her to successfully develop and launch numerous products and companies from idea to store. As a design entrepreneur, Viola has worn many hats, from leading creative teams, designing product assortments and launching brand campaigns, building sales teams, developing a global supply chain at scale, to growing a long lasting brand with a group of like-minded folks.

Keeping an open mind, and a sense of play and curiosity leads her process, and she is continuously refining the concept of idea to store for today’s consumer. Beyond creating a good product, Viola believes that thoughtful solutions through a sustainable supply chain, the packaging experience and immersing the customer in a memorable experience is what will create a powerful brand. This mission is what drives her company, MAIKA. Ultimately, she is always inspired to push the creative envelope; to represent a thoughtful, evocative design that touches the heart and motivates a call to action.

Her work has been featured on the Today Show, Real Simple, O magazine, Design Sponge, OhJoy and numerous blogs and publications. She is also the author of “Packaging Your Crafts”. She not only brings incredible knowledge to the industry but also a presence and awareness of growing culturally rich companies that are inspiring to everyone she meets.

Viola lives with her husband and her two kids, Maika and Alistair, in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is  5’2” on a good day, but is a force to be reckoned on the basketball court.



Chantal Emmanuel



Chantal believes that leveraging the right technology at the right time has the power to solve problems in magical ways. As a Software Engineer she has been able to bring these solutions to life, building tools and experiences using modern frameworks like Ruby on Rails and React.

Her career continually brings her to the intersection of technology and design.  Previously as an Engineer at Red Clay she created a community and project management platform that engaged industrial designers and brands to develop ready for manufacture designs.  Most recently, she’s worked for one of the leading consulting firms, SYPartners.  There she partnered with clients at a number of Fortune 100 companies, guiding them through their digital strategy.

When not building software solutions, Chantal spends a lot of her  time empowering and supporting others to enter and excel at careers in her field. She’s served as a Director for the San Francisco chapter of Women Who Code and a member of the Steering Committee for Bay Area Blacks In Tech.

In those rare moments when she steps away from the computer you can usually find her heads down in the arts & craft hobby of the month or testing out new recipes in the kitchen.